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Are traditional marketing methods no longer yielding the results you’re after? It may be time to change your approach. Perhaps to a style of marketing that allows your customers to experience your brand, and not just get told about it. We’re talking about experiential marketing – an engagement tactic used by marketers so customers can get to know a brand in a more personal way. This marketing style turns a brand into an event, allowing customers to live for a moment in its world, and leaving them with a lasting impression of the brand. These activations can be a physical event or a competition-based, gamified campaign. Have we piqued your curiosity? Keep reading and find out how experiential marketing can benefit your business.

3 ways experiential marketing boosts business

1. Lead generation

Experiential marketing and lead generation go hand in hand, especially when there is a contest involved. Customers will be more willing to give your business their personal information if there is a benefit in it for them, like the thrill of winning a prize, or having some spontaneous fun. And if your activities are online, they have the benefit of convenience on your side too. A digital spinning wheel or scratch card competition is not only exciting but also, quick and easy for customers to access. And the information they enter to play will be instantly recorded for your business purposes.

2. Engagement

Customer engagement is important as it humanises a brand and encourages brand loyalty. You can think of engagement as a long-term investment – a customer engaging regularly with your brand is more likely to use it in the future. And with experiential marketing, brand engagement can be exciting and interactive, especially if there is a competitive element.

So, how do you achieve this for your brand? Simple. You design a uWINa online game. Our games bring all the fun, at all the convenience. Customers will have a good time playing your branded game on their personal device, connect with your brand, and want to engage with it more, typically through Facebook and Instagram. And sharing the experience with a relevant hashtag can boost engagement tenfold. As posts get shared, more and more people will become aware of your event and want to join in the fun. And the more that join, the more leads you generate.

experiential marketing

3. Brand awareness

Brand awareness is the extent to which the general public has heard of a specific brand. Broad brand awareness indicates successful marketing practices but is not general customer satisfaction or brand loyalty. These come in with effective engagement, usually achieved through experiential marketing. If your brand’s reach gets broadened by its online game, many people will discover it, and if they like what they see, engage with it. And if your engagement is positive and constructive, customers are likely to talk about your brand with their friends (word of mouth marketing) and share it with their social media networks. This brings about even more brand awareness – a continuous cycle of connection.

How uWINa fits into your experiential marketing strategy

Want to cut costs on brand activations, but still gain the benefits of experiential marketing? Then uWINa gamified campaigns might be your perfect solution. Our responsive, web-based competition platform features five game formats and an easy-to-use dashboard, making it perfect for campaign purposes. Your brand can customise a game so it’s unique and specific to your offering. For example, a laundry detergent brand could use the spinning wheel format so the game simulates a dishwasher. uWINa games will fit seamlessly into your experiential marketing strategy. They will allow your customers to experience your brand and retain a lasting impression of it. And unlike activation-based experiential marketing tactics, uWINa competitions are cost-effective for your company and easy to manage. The outcomes will also be more predictable, and the campaign will require less human effort to execute.

experiential marketing

Want to gain the benefits of gamified experiential marketing?

With uWINa digital gamified campaigns, lead generation, engagement and brand awareness will come easily and naturally for your business. If you’re interested in our approach to experiential marketing, get in touch with us and start making digital, gamified campaigns specifically suited to your brand.  

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