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More and more businesses are incorporating gamified competitions in their marketing strategies to improve sales. But many, unfortunately, jump the gun when it comes to the planning phase. Before you design a gamified campaign for your brand, you should ask yourself three important questions. Firstly, who am I engaging? It’s important to define your audience before attempting to communicate with them. Secondly, ask, what do I want them to do? If you have an interactive element in your campaign, you need to decide what the activity will be – like a spin and win or digital scratch card. And lastly, ask, what’s in it for them? You need to carefully plan an audience incentive so that your customers benefit from playing your game. So as you can see, there are steps that need to be followed before running with a gamified campaign. Let’s look at each of these in more detail.

Planning your gamified promotion

1.  Define your audience

To properly define your audience, you need to determine its point of discovery, size and scope, and targeting criteria. Point of discovery, being where the viewer comes into contact with your campaign – e.g. social media, email, your company website. And targeting criteria refers to geographics, demographics, interests, lifestyle etc. You can make your audience as specific or broad as you like.

2. Create an experience for your audience

Next, you need to create an experience for your audience. Choose a uWINa game format – spinning wheel, scratch card, shake, peel, or lucky spin. Learn more about our game formats. Once you’ve picked a game and designed it with your brand’s unique personality, you’re ready for the last step in the planning process.

3. Create an incentive to play

Before you send your online game off into the world, you need to give your audience a reason to play it. Our uWINa games offer players the chance of winning a prize, and you can determine what that prize is. It can be anything, really, like mobile coupons, entertaining content, helpful tips, video content, product recommendations, or even a trip away. The choice is up to you (and your budget).


A bottled water brand uses gamification to improve sales

Everyone loves a success story. So we’ll share one with you to demonstrate how a properly planned gamified campaign looks, and how it can improve sales. 

The brand

The brand in question sells bottled water, and needed a marketing solution to improve sales of its product. It planned an end-to-end campaign, involving uWINA as a step in a five-step, seamless customer journey. 

The campaign plan to improve sales

The brand would make contact with its pre-defined audience through online advertising, alerting them of the campaign (step one). The audience would get prompted to purchase the brand’s product (step two) in order to enter a competition where they would stand a chance to win. And the prize would be a trip to Zanzibar.

Executing the campaign 

The brand executed the campaign as follows: 

  • The company printed labels onto the water bottles, each displaying a unique serialized number and embedded Facebook Messenger code. 
  • At the point of sale, customers received a call to action (on the swing tag) to scan the code to engage in the competition (step three).
  • Customers then filled in their unique code to verify the purchase, which in turn presented them with uWINa experiential content.
  • The customers could then spin and win (step four) and enter the competition (step five).

The result

The brand saw a 28% increase in sales.

Want to improve sales with your own gamified campaign? 

If your business aims to improve sales, we can assist you with an experiential marketing campaign that uses gamification to drive people to your product. Get in touch with us today. 

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