Case Study: Tyre Brand Live Promoter Campaign

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The company in question is an innovative, proudly South African tyre brand.  


The brand approached uWINa with the goal of increasing their database through a live promoter campaign at a public, branded event.

uWINa game type:

The brand chose the Scratch & Win card for their gamified campaign.

Activation days:

The campaign ran for two days in 2018 and was activated by one stand that stood at the event over the two-day period. 

Entry mechanic:

To enter the competition, parties needed to attend the branded event, approach the stand, and play the Scratch & Win game on the promoter iPad. 


The outcome of the live promoter campaign was 677 plays in total, with 451 of the players’ details being submitted. And of this selection, 252 of the players opted in.

Conversion rate:

The conversion rate was an impressive 55,87%.


The brand gave away 88 travel mugs, 13 backpacks, and 52 caps as prizes for entering the competition, as well as 99 entries to a grand prize lucky draw. 

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