Case Study: Retailer lead generation through social media campaign (Facebook)

game formats
game formats
game formats
game formats


Retail and Entertainment – South African retailer and one of the world’s largest entertainment media brands.


To use the uWINa experiential engagement platform to replenish and build the customer database. Lead generation and experiential gamification were used to surprise and delight customers on social media.

uWINa game type:

One of our most successful game formats, Spin & Win.

Campaign duration:

Two days.

Entry mechanic:

Using their mobile or desktop, customers clicked the link on the Facebook post to Spin so they would stand a chance to WIN.


The outcome of the Facebook campaign was 68901 plays in total, with 30425 of the players’ details being submitted. And of this selection, 16781 of the players opted in.

Conversion rate:

The conversion rate was a whopping 55,16%.


The brand gave away 6 branded token prizes, retailer benefit points and vouchers, and 7 branded hampers.

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